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Herbal Depression Remedies – Are They Real Solutions?

An herbal depression solution is something which hadn’t been widely considered until very recently, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Herbs have been used for centuries around the world to treat a variety of conditions. The healing power of these natural substances is well documented, so why not place them to work to help assist the symptoms of depression?

Homeopaths began exploring herbal depression remedies as concerns grew about the use of traditional antidepressants. While prescription medications can assist symptoms they do nothing to treat the underlying physiological cause of depression, thus making their effectiveness limited at best. And they carry both a tendency to become addictive and serious side effects which makes them less than an saint solution.

Natural treatments can be much more effective since they are geared to address the root cause of depression, specifically the breakdown of neurotransmissions. It is this breakdown of the brain’s normal communications which can lead to feelings of worthlessness, irritability, negative thoughts and other symptoms of depression. In order to successfully treat these symptoms it is necessary to restore proper neurotransmission and that is where an herbal depression solution comes in.

By using natural substances, herbal depression remedies can work to restore a proper equilibrise between negative and positive energy, thus promoting emotional wellness. The most common neurotransmitter is serotonin and many herbs can actually help to restore serotonin levels and restore neurological function.

One of the most effective herbs in terms of treating depression is St. John’s Wort. An important ingredient in an effective herbal depression solution, St. John’s Wort contains a number of active ingredients including glycosides, flavonoids, volatile oils, tannins and resins to help equilibrise moods and re-establish equilibrium. And because it is absolutely natural, it carries no harsh side effects.

Equally effective is Passion Flower. Used as a nerve tonic to soothe agitation and moderate negative energy, Passion Flower is among the safest and gentlest of herbal depression remedies, making it innocuous for patients of all ages. It has been proven to restore a sense of well being and calm nervous energy, helping depression patients to regain a sense of wellness.

Of course, any herbal depression solution will only be truly effective if it is applied as part of a regular healthy routine. Eating a well balanced diet which includes foods rich in serotonin like turkey and bananas, getting enough exercise, eliminating built up toxins in the system from smoking, alcohol and drugs and engaging in relaxation techniques can all help the body to heal itself and restore a sense of emotional well being.

Doctors are just beginning to comprehend and appreciate the full healing power of herbs and that means more treatment options are opening up for their patients. If you are suffering from the symptoms of depression, don’t adopt you have to go down the traditional medical route for treatment. Make sure you exercise all your options, including herbal remedies. The herbal answer might be just what you need to get you feeling better.

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