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Sneak vegetables

6 months ago, when two "cookbook evasive" and falsely called The Sneaky Chef Delicious first appearance on the shelves, the debate broke out that these methods of eating healthy foods are really effective or not, because such amount is so little inserted a plate and children (for which the requirements of these books were intended for) could be infected by eating vegetables. Many experts fear that it would suggest that children eat vegetablesside or that their parents were to them.

This debate has not cooled down and the case was rested, but without a real solution. Of course, secretly in small quantities cooked, pureed vegetables in food and deceive their children are not the best ideas, but is a better idea when it comes to hiding vegetables? After examining this issue and do some experiments in the kitchen, I got a solution.

From what I saw, motivation"Cheating" to add a dish of vegetables is more difficult to maintain an opinion has distorted the dish before eating. So really, should not be regarded as a liar, all you have to do is to postpone the announcement of what is in the pot until everyone has finished eating .* So picky eating is a test plate without a beginning and cons, having said that healthy foods contain little by little, you realize that healthy food cantaste.

* To maintain this, we should seek to apply the "do not want to tell you that's in it until you've eaten" exclude all the time (although unhealthy food) to keep your family becomes skeptical when occasionally does not allow the contents of a dish.

Now that we have the ethical problem of our chest, it is time to address the issue of healthy foods. The question is, of course, a vegetable dish can creep unnoticed, but can youactually add enough to significantly increase the nutritional value of a dish? After a little 'experimenting in the kitchen, I have a solution that can, but not all the dishes ...

It seems there are two requirements for a dish is good for sneaking vegetables) The dish must have shown a strong flavor (tomato is one of the best, although it is technically a vegetable ...) b) The dish must be more liquid. Peep the sweet potato cheesecake, a's idea of' author Delicious wrong not to recommend a couple of tablespoons of vegetables that you can enjoy a drink and a half or more (equivalent to a part of the food pyramid) of vegetables in a soup or pasta sauce.

Besides the two main requirements that I discovered other things to do little to improve things ...

puree or vegetables that you want to add a first plate, then gradually adding "powerful ingredient flavor vegetables untiltaste and may not notice the vegetables with ease. Be sure not to add flavor ingredient, as soon as possible.

o Do not forget to add some 'salt and seasoning than usual. Since vegetables are low in sodium and most of the dishes used to eat are high is sodium, but generally not advisable to add salt in a dish, I think a bit here ', it is imperative to make things as usual. You can also add a little 'more than usual seasonings and vegetables that need a little 'more to improve its flavor delicate and natural on a plate.

or not to cook all the vegetables you want to puree. Some raw vegetables may be blended, such as coarsely chopped peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. By adding these purees raw dishes, you can store more nutrients.

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