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Do not underestimate Measles

3 days liana fever, hot body, after the initial examination bu midwife said just a cold, flu. the next day after check out and declared a cold, the body turns red spots liana growth, said her grandmother was tampek or measles. What's the disease? The following info from the tabloid nakita, may be useful for us all.

Measles would infect only once in a lifetime. Can occur in children who are still young and already great. When a strong immune system, could have a child is not exposed to measles at all.

"Be careful, lo, now tampek season. Just yesterday my neighbor's child hit. Now my child contaminated. On the whole body resulting patches of red and hot body, "as a warning of a mother to her friends. What is meant by tampek it? Answered by dr. Asti Praborini, SpA., Which is familiarly called Rini, tampek none other than measles.

"Tampek the Java language but Indonesian term is measles. While the people of Irian call serampah. In the Latin language called morbili or rubeolla. While in English, measles, "said pediatrician from the International RS MH Thamrin, Jakarta.


The cause of measles is the measles virus or morbili. At first, the symptoms of measles somewhat difficult to detect. However, an outline of measles disease can be divided into 3 phases. The first phase is called the incubation period which lasts about 10-12 days. In this phase, children have started to become infected but not yet looked at him any symptoms. Red patches that are characteristic of measles has not come out. In the second phase (phase prodormal) before symptoms develop flu-like illness, such as coughs, colds, and fever. The eyes appear reddish and watery. When you see something, the eyes will be dazzled (photo phobia). Next to the mulutmuncul white spots that will last 3-4 days. Sometimes children also experience diarrhea. One-two days later a high fever that go up and down, ranging from 38 to 40.5 degrees Celsius.

The third phase is marked by the release of red spots along with a high fever that occurred. However, indirect spots appear all over the body, but rather a gradual and creeping. Starting from the back of the ear, neck, chest, face, hands and feet. The color is also peculiar; red with a size that is not too big but not too small.

These red spots in medical language is called makulopapuler. Usually the patches meet the entire body in about a week. However, this also depends padadaya immunity of each child. When body resistance is good then the red spots not too spread out and not too full. Generally, if the red spots had come out, the fever will come down by itself. Red spots were the longer be a black and scaly (hyperpigmentation), and then fall out or heal by itself. This period of healing that takes up to 2 weeks.

HOW Transmission

That warrant concern, measles infection was very quick through the medium of air or saliva spray (droplet) is sucked through the nose or mouth. Transmission occurs during the second phase until 1-2 days after the rash occurs. Unfortunately, there is a wrong assumption in society will be measles. For example, if a family member stricken with smallpox, then other family members accidentally infected for all busy. The reason, is not measles occurs only once in a lifetime? So if a kid has ever measles, after which it will be safe forever. This is clearly an opinion that is not true because the disease is not to be transmitted. Moreover, the impact of measles quite dangerous.

Another assumption that should be straightened out, namely that the red spots in measles should exit all because if not actually be dangerous to patients. The truth, precisely the number of patches of light-weight indicating measles. The more numbers means more severe illness. Your doctor will only see to measles in children do not become more severe or red spots not to appear in the whole body.

In addition, there are still many parents who treat a child against measles is wrong. One of them, the child is not bathed. It is feared, sweat attached to the child's body creates a feeling sticky and itchy skin that pushed scratch with unwashed hands, so there is infection in the form of small boils fester. Conversely, the child will feel comfortable bath.


Treatment of measles is done by treating the symptoms that arise. Fever that occurs will be treated with fever-lowering drugs. If the child has diarrhea then given drugs to overcome the diarrhea. Coughing will be overcome by treating cough. Doctors also will prepare antikejang drug seizures when the child has talent.

In essence, all symptoms must be treated because if not, then measles can be dangerous. The impact can vary, even in case of complications. Please note, measles measles disease is categorized as mild and severe. Called light, if after 1-2 days of treatment, the symptoms that arise improved. Called a given weight when treatment was not effective because it may have been no complications.

Complications can occur because the measles virus spreads through the bloodstream to other body tissues. The most frequent cause of death in children is kompilkasi inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia bronchodilating) and brain inflammation (encephalitis). This complication can occur rapidly during the last illness.

Symptoms of encephalitis which is a one-time or recurrent seizures, awareness of children declines, and the heat is hard to come down because it was an infection "ride" that reach the brain. Another case, complications of pneumonia characterized by coughing up phlegm, runny nose, and shortness of breath. So, death is usually caused not by measles disease itself, but because of complications. Generally, severe measles occurred in children who are malnourished.


This is the recommended Rini:

* If campaknya mild, the child is treated at home. If campaknya weight or until complications occur it must be admitted to hospital.

* Son of measles should be treated in a separate place so as not to transmit the disease to others. Especially when there are babies in the house that have not been immunized against measles.

* Give people a balanced and nutritious food intake is sufficient to increase body resistance. The food should be easy to digest, because measles susceptible children infected by other infections, like strep throat, flu, or other. Vulnerable period is still ongoing because a month after recovering patient endurance that are still weak.

* Perform appropriate treatment in consultation with the doctor.

* Maintain cleanliness of the child's body while bathing.

* Children need adequate rest.


All viral diseases are endemic. This means that can arise at any time throughout the year, knows no season. Therefore, according to Rini, measles in children should be prevented by immunization. Moreover, many measles attack children aged under five. Supposedly, measles vaccine has no side effects, but because the vaccine is made from an attenuated virus, it could have been one of the several million viruses cause side effects. For example, after being immunized against measles, children get hot or diarrhea.

Actually, babies get antibodies from its mother through the placenta during pregnancy. However, antibodies from mother to baby's body that could decrease at the age of nine months. Because of that, measles immunization conducted at that age. Then, because the baby's body under 9 months have not been able to form immune well then repeated measles vaccination at age 15 months with immunization MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella). With vaccination is expected bilapun children with measles, then the impact is not to severe or fatal because the body already has antibodies.

However, because currently there are suspicions that the preservative in the MMR vaccine can trigger autism, finally giving measles immunization is not repeated. According to Rini, the concern was not necessary any more if the child has reached the age of three years and had a normal growth process. "Should children be vaccinated. May be delayed but should not be abolished. Until large could still be vaccinated. Better to prevent than cure. "

The difference with GERMAN MEASLES

German measles or rubella is different from ordinary measles. In children, german measles are uncommon and not until the fatal impact. "If there was usually occurs in older children, approximately ages 5 to 14 years," said Rini.

Symptoms are similar to ordinary measles, such as colds, coughs, colds and high fever. However, red spots that arise will not be too severe and rapidly disappeared within 3 days. Appetite is usually decreased because patients are also swelling the spleen.

To worry if this german measles attack pregnant women because it can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta (the placenta). As a result, children born will have congenital rubella syndrome. Baby's eyes will have cataracts soon after birth, there is deafness, and there is calcification in the brain, so that children may experience growth retardation.

So, every girl should get the rubella vaccine to protect her fetus when she was pregnant in the future. In girls this immunity will be revealed to her baby until the age of 9 months. Rini also looked at the need for rubella vaccination in men, because that might German measles can infect the wife who was pregnant.

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