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Best Tools for Learning

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that is free and easy to use.
Website / Availability Hosted: www.wordpress.com Open source software downloadable at wordpress.org
Cost Free
Platform Install on Windows or Linux servers
Top 100 Tools 2010 8
Top 100 Tools 2009 6
Top 100 Tools 2008 5
Top 100 Tools 2007 6
Comments from some of those who selected WordPress as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2009
  • Amazing and simple tool to reweb your site. Very SEO friendly. Corinne Burkhert
  • I now have two Wordpress blogs and though they are quite challenging to maintain, I love the availability of plugins and themes – Open Source at its best. Frances Bell
  • I manage class discussions out of class and provide additional information here following classes that students find difficult; if I am absent, this is where I can teach “remote class” (hasn’t happened yet)  Sarah Davis
  • We use the self-hosted version for the company blog and dozens of Wordpress.Com ones for learners. Great for encouraging reflections on their learning. Leia Fee
  • Have used this for my own blog since the beginning of 2008. Have not regretted the decision to move from blogger. Carol Cooper Taylor
  • I use WordPress for my blog. I started a blog after I started using Twitter, the microblogging inspired me to work out thoughts and concepts in more than 140 characters. I’m keeping a blog to work out concepts and ideas about education and e-learning and to share information with colleagues and other learning professionals. It’s becoming my tool for reflection and creating a sort of digital portfolio.  Jeroen Bottema
  • I use WordPress for my blog, WebTools for Learners -  - and for my consulting website - jnthweb.ca  I find the basics easy enough to use and the more advanced aspects challenging enough to compel me to learn more. I like the way I can get it to look and work.  Joan Vinall-Cox
  • the best blogging tool I've found so far  Jochen Robes
  • as been my blogging platform of choice since 2007. Along with a template called Thesis, I am able to do much more than simply publish content. I use it to manage content and communicate across other platforms (via widgets and plug-ins).  Janet Clarey
  • My blog at barrydahl.com is driven by Wordpress.com, and we also run the multi-user open source version on my campus with great success  Barry Dahl
Comments from those who selected WordPress as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2008
  • "I love blogging. I may even be a addict! Wordpress is my favourite blogging tool. It can be customised, especially with the help of the great community out there offering free themes, and the latest version offers some great features: I am so glad to be able to schedule release of posts, for example so my blog can appear even when I can't. Must get around to moving my personal blog to Wordpress... but I started in Blogger 5 years ago and that's a lot of history! Wordpress is perfectly adequate to base one's whole website in – especially for a small business." Helen Whitehead
  • "Makes publishing easy and convenient. Offers me the opportunity to focus on the content of blog post instead of technology. Clean interface and lots of possibilities to tune the environment the way you want." Marcel de Leeuwe
  • "I am a member of Edublogs and find the WordPress tool easy to use and adaptable.  Blogging, delicious and Google Reader have become the three main components"  Britt Wattwood
  • "having dabbled in Dreamweaver and other programs I find the ease of use anywhere and the huge choice of free beautiful templates is dragging me more and more away from conventional web design"  Mary Cooch
  • "f you want to get into blogging this the way to go. It's a free, unlimited open source blogging platform. Very easy to navigate, easy to use interface which is being upgraded continuously." Jack Chapman
  • "Free blogging platform - lets you customize and manage your blog with little fuss " Debora Gallo
  • "the best blogging tool I've found"  Jay Cross
  • "open-source software for creating blogs. It's free, flexible, and has great support from the team."  Kate Foy
  • "Best blogging platform out there. I use Scribefire (PC) and Qumana (Mac) to write and add my posts."  Heather Ross
  • "blogging. Customizable to the way I want, and reliable"  Clark Quinn
  • "Wordpress is my blogging platform and therefore another important tool for personal learning. What I learned about learning in 2007 is how much RSS and blogging really have enhanced my own lifelong learning efforts."  Christy Tucker
  • "I use WordPress for educational blogging and as a personal content management tool. " Janet Clarey
  • "A great open-source software for creating blogs.  I use Wordpress for my blog which is hosted by Wordpress.com for free.  Wordpress provides a variety of attractive themes, plug-ins, and widgets."  Steve Yuen
  • "While it lacks good multiuser support, wordpress is an extensible and free blogging platform. If you know some PHP you can personalize this tool easily."  Daniel Lemire
  • "One of the best free, open-source blog platform choices."  Stylianos Mystakidis
  • "for the ability to easily set up and modify a website - for my students too!"  Lisa Neal 
  • "still the best of all blogging software"  Nick Hood
  • "It has a great interface, it is quick, reliable, and open-source."  Jason Edwards
  • "blogging is an important part of my online learning – both reading and writing (Learning Technologies and Donald H Taylor). After a couple of false starts with other tools, I did some research in November 2006 and chose WordPress. I haven't looked back."  Don Taylor
  • "This is the best tool for blogging and provides some features that are not available in other blogging tools."  Sathish Narayanan
  • "I use the wordpress platform to host my blog. Long live the open source developers and their generosity. I just love this blog software."  Cristina Mendes Da Costa
  • "the best blog platform, where I host my blog." Alexandre Bobeda
  • "A new form of publishing, it makes me think about core insights of my work I want to share; and people interested in impact don't have to read the full journal paper"  Andrea Back
  • "Blogs are great for learning from others, reflection, story sharing, facilitating connections among people, philosophizing, and much more!"  Janice Petosky
  • "By far one of my favorite tools. Wonderful extensibility and easy to use blog" Robert Chapman
  • "Wordpress.com offers unlimited free blog hosting with no limits on bandwidth, along with the Wordpress user interface and several attractive Wordpress themes. The file-hosting quota was recently increased 60-fold from 50 MB to 3 GB. I switched all my blogs from self-hosted Wordpress to Wordpress.com a year ago and I couldn't be happier. Plus, there's even automatic LaTeX formatting for the mathematically inclined. "  Robert Talbert
  • "have to mention this blogging software. Its ease of use has enabled me to reach a worldwide audience."  Jenny Luca
  • "I have learned so much about myself and others through blogging, and WordPress makes it easy to do."  Shari Ward
  • "though I have used many others, this remains my favourite blogging platform." Judy O'Connell
  • "My blogging platform of choice. I prefer to have my own installation rather than using WordPress.com."  Jeff Cobb
Comments from those that selected WordPress as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2007
  • "it's my main means of communication with the outside world. Also Open Source and always getting better"  Jay Cross
  • "blogging is an important part of my online learning – both reading and writing. After a couple of false starts with other tools, I did some research in November 2006 and chose WordPress. There were just under 500,000 WordPress blog then. Now there are over twice as many. I like the flexibility of WordPress in both design and utility"  Don Taylor
  • "What a great interface - it's so easy to use..."  B J Schone
  • "I use the powerful Semiologic theme and various widgets"  Terry Elliott
  • "Why I like this blogging tool over others: It works and it's easy to use. That's it. If something's not easy to use, I just don't use it."  Janet Clarey
  • "It is the easiest blogging platform IMHO. The plugin and widget architecture is great and there is a strong and active user community."  Audrey J Williams
  • "The ease of installation and active plugin community got me hooked, and I have been happy ever since.  Use it for my own blog and ones for my class"  David Parry
  • "this is still the tool running the show and doing an excellent job of it." Tim Stahmer
  • " The sweetest :) blog engine, again Open Source and community development (plugin, theme) rules! All of my blogs are using Wordpress"  Anol Bhattacharya
  • "WordPress is easy to use and has kept hundreds of thousands of spam from my website."  Harold Jarche
  • "While it lacks good multiuser support, wordpress is an extensible and free blogging platform. If you know some PHP you can personalize this tool easily."  Daniel Lemire
  • "best of breed blogger ap"  David Flanders
  • "For blogging, learning, & networking. I find it flexible & easy to use"  Lynn Wernham
  • "My favourite blog engine, I use it in several instances like this "  Daniel Molnar
  • "I started blogging with Blogger but now I am moving my blogs to WordPress"  Jorge Goncalves
  • " I use this site for my professional blog. I also recommend this one for use with students if a free blog is needed. It is easy to set up, straightforward to use, does not crash Firefox (like Blogger does) and is not tied into a Google or Yahoo account."  Nicole Cargill-Kipar
  • "the best (imho) blogging software, with some brilliant adaptable plugins"  Nick Hood
  •  This is my favorite blogging software. It is simple and has a useful tagging system. I would like to see the podcasting capabilities built into Wordpress rather than requiring the add-in, Podpress"  Leigh Zeitz
  • "Open-source blogging software. I created previous blogs in TypePad.   WordPress needed a lot more setup time, but it gives me more control over layout and features, and it’s free."  Cathy Moore
  • "easy to use and gives you loads of background information about your site"  Lisa Valentine
  • "A very easy to use blogging platform. Contains a wonderful spam-killer"  Michael Prophet
  • "the blog tool I use with teachers and they use with their students. Rich in functionality. We all enjoy it."  Gianni Marconato
  • "a very easy to use blogging tool with decent statistics reporting. I use this one and Blogger"  Michael McVey
  • "I’ve recently been converted to Wordpress. Much easier to use. Nice features. Pretty templates. Only downside is that you can’t customize the HTML without paying. OK with me for now."  Matt Lisle
  • "Wordpress also for notes management. After a long time of struggling with text files and testing with a personal wiki, I recently moved my notes to Wordpress."  Matthias Melcher
  • "Super easy publishing"  Mike Taylor
  • "Others have mentioned specific tools, but when it comes to learning from blogs and helping others learn via my blog, I think the content matters more than the tool. The Articulate Knowledge Base is powered by Movable Type (as my blog used to be), and my blog is now powered by WordPress. From a publishing standpoint, those are my blogging apps of choice" Gabe Anderson

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