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Acne treatment:What is the best acne medication?

Acne is one of the most common diseases of skin. As it is not life threatening condition many people simply avoid taking acne medication. It goes without saying that if acne does not recover on its own one should start acne medication as soon as possible so that after curing no acne scars are left.

There are two kinds of acne medications. One is topical treatment i.e. creams and lotions that can be applied externally while other one is systemic acne treatment wherein you take the medicine orally so that it goes into the system. Mild acne can easily be treated with topical creams while severe acne needs a full treatment which includes both external as well as oral pills.

Antibiotics: as the major cause of acne is excessive secretion of oil by the oil glands which are caused by several reasons, one of them being the bacteria. Oral antibiotics work very well to treat mild acne by killing bacteria.

Tetracycline treatment: while it reduces the inflammation of acne to a great extent it may also affect the teeth growth in children. Pregnant and lactating women are advised against the use to tetracycline because it can cause damage to fetus’s development. Normal people can start treating acne with small doses of tetracycline.

Oral contraceptives: Acne can be very effectively cured with the use of oral contraceptives. It is usually not recommended to women older than 35 years of age or those who have some severe blood disorder.

Retinoid: these are known to be highly beneficial in treating acne. It is a topical remedy therefore should be applied externally. Usually irritation of skin follows if you use retinoid therefore some good sunscreen should be used of minimizes the irritation. Apart from treating acne, retinoid are known to have anti aging properties which reduce wrinkles from the face.

These are some of the many popular acne medications. While prescription medications are good, the ability of natural and herbal creams in treating acne cannot be underestimated.

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