Kamis, 08 April 2010

Natural Acne Cures-Some Of The Best Natural Acne Cures

Natural acne cures are often better than chemical based OTC solutions. The problem with OTC medicines is that while they treat your pimples and zits, they also cause a lot of side effects. Natural acne cures on the other hand are made of herbal ingredients which cannot cause any side effect. Moreover natural formulas are made for overall skin care therefore it improves the overall tone of your skin.

There are several natural and effective cures for pimples and zits but often we cannot make time to prepare different solutions and use them correctly. We often go for the easier option of using OTC medicines which are useless. As pimples keep recurring, we learn to live with it instead of trying to get rid of it. Following are some of the natural acne cures that are effective for everyone.

* Aloe Vera: Anti inflammatory and anti bacterial Aloe Vera is highly beneficial for curing zits and pimples. Juice of aloe Vera can be applied directly on whiteheads and blackheads .You can also consume Aloe Vera because it detoxifies the digestive tract.
* Vitamin: Almost all skin care products contain Vitamin E. It is a natural antioxidant that works wonders for treating acne. It comes in the form of capsules. Almond and different types of nuts are a great source of Vitamin E.
* Tea tree oil: It is very effective in treating acne .It has bacteria fighting capabilities that work directly on the pimples and blackheads.
* Vitamin A: nutritious diet is good for overall skin tone. Vitamin A rich diets are recommended for flawless skin.

One of the best natural acne cures can be ordered online. This natural formula consists of an oral solution and a topical solution. The combined effect of this treatment works wonders for acne. Get rid of your acne in a few days. Order your free trial offer.

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