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Balancing Red and White Meat

Balancing Red and White Meat, jumbo_sushiThe beef can be processed into a variety of cuisines, both traditional (such as stews, kebabs, or bacon) or in the form of a modern processing (such as steak, corned beef, sausage, bacon, meatballs, etc.).

Apart from being a source of animal protein is very important for the body; meat also contains some saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, so that when consumed in excessive amounts can be bad for health.

Red meat consumption should be balanced white meat from poultry (chicken or duck) and fish. Better yet, if you can choose sea fish cooked by baking, steamed, or boiled, not fried.
Special attention should be directed to the innards. Offal is the organ in the body that has been slaughtered animals except the main meat, muscle, and bone. Offal can be: liver, heart, kidneys, tripe, intestines, tongue, and brain.

Liver is the main organ of the body parts of animals. More toxic compounds found in the liver than other parts of the body because the heart is the center of the neutralization of toxins in the digestive system.

Therefore, if you want to eat liver, you should wash them repeatedly until clean and boil until cooked, then process them as you wish. It is very important to reduce the danger posed.

The brain is a type of offal of the most popular. The brain has a soft texture and color grayish white. Generally, cow’s brain and is often processed sheep, especially the curry. Beware of the high cholesterol content in the brain.

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