Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Nuts for Cholesterol Reduction

Nuts for Cholesterol ReductionBack to nature, so is the expression to combat rising cholesterol levels. Researchers from Loma Linda University, United States, reported that the consumption of nuts is effective for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

The analysis of 25 studies involving 600 people showed, consume 67 grams of nuts (equivalent to a small bag) every day could lower cholesterol levels up to 7.4 percent. However, experts did not recommend the consumption of processed peas with sugar or salt.

Not only cholesterol, apparently nuts are also useful for reducing triglycerides, blood fats, are associated with heart disease. Benefits of nuts are more pronounced in those classified as obese body weight.

Aside from being a source of fiber and a good vegetable protein, researchers can not explain how the mechanism of the cholesterol-lowering nut. One theory states, the content of Phytosterol which is naturally present in nuts will prevent the absorption of cholesterol by the body. Pea is a food that is cheap and accessible. Beans, red beans, peas, or soybeans, when processed into various types of food will benefit your health. In addition to making it into soups, beans are also delicious when boiled. So, there’s no reason to exclude this food in our daily menu.

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