Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Stroke Prevention

Disruption of blood flow to the brain is known as stroke (or cerebrovascular accident - CVA) - a disorder that occurs in two basic forms: clot strokes and bleeding stroke, both potentially life threatening. About 80 percent of stokes among Americans are due to clot stroke - clots in blood vessels blocking the oxygen-rich blood flowing to the brain. The rest come from bleeding stroke when blood vessels in the brain rupture, spilling blood into the brain.

Foods that help ward off clots, keep blood vessel flexible and unclogged, and keep blood pressure normal are good bets for preventing strokes. Even one extra daily portion of the right foods may cut an astounding 40 to 60 percent or even more of your chances of having or dying of a stroke as some scientific studies have indicated. Such an effective and certainly safer and cheaper drug is in everyone’s possession right now.

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