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Salmon is Improving Intelligence Brain

salmon a health food pictureSalmon is the best source of omega-3, DHA and EPA. All three are important to help the growth and brain function. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) is believed to play an important role in the prevention of heart disease, while DHA (docosahezaenoic acid) needed for brain development and nerve.

Final research study – recently stated that the individuals who consume these fatty acids in their diet have a much mind sharp. The study, published in the International Journal of Cancer shows that omega-3 that contains DHA and EPA help to protect against the occurrence of breast cancer.

However, keep in mind, these fatty acids volatile when the fish cooked by frying or burned. The best way is with steamed recommended, because the fatty acid is not lost. Some tips for your diet variation with salmon:

1. Sandwich
Make a salmon sandwich, with tuna for addition, and mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, and tomato, small pieces of carrots, watercress and celery. Add strawberry yogurt as a couple your meal. If you want you can replace white bread with wheat bread.

2. Fish soup
Enter the salmon pieces that have been boiled into a broccoli cream soup you make, add a little piece of broccoli for extra nutrition, and so get the right flavor. In addition to easy, this meal contains no fat and calories. If you want you can vary these foods by making soup with a mixture of ordinary and a little bit of green tomatoes were sweet and sour.

3. Salmon burger
Chop the salmon to taste, combine with spinach, onions, garlic finely chopped. Stir together and form a ball – medium sized meat balls. Heat a frying pan, put a little oil, meat balls and insert with a spatula. Serve with red rice.

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