Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Add YouTube Video To Blog Post

For you who interested to put video from YouTube in your blog post, Blogger Tutorial write down the following steps.

Adopt the video code from YouTube

As the first step is adopt the video code from YouTube. Please visit your favorite video on YouTube, then click Share, proceed by clicking Embed. Then you can do the set up such as choosing related videos to displayed, video dimensions, etc. One is adviced to check Use old embed code. Copy the provided vidoe code and put it on your blog post.

embed youtube video

Put the video code on your blog post

The second step is to install the YouTube video code was provided on your blog. Here are the steps:
  1. Please login to blogger using your ID
  2. Click New Post to create new posts. And of course you are able to enter the video code into your old post.
  3. You can write the article as usual at Post editor
  4. If you want to insert the video code that you’ve got, switch first the post editor mode to Edit HTML mode.
  5. Paste the video code to the posts youtube video embed
  6. If you ready for posting published, click the Publish Post button
  7. Done

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