Sabtu, 23 April 2011

tips to get your blog indexed fast by Google.

To be continued from previous article about How to submit blog to Google, below post will discuss tips to get your blog indexed fast by Google.
If you submit blog to Google, commonly, the blog will be indexed within several days until one week and over. Well, if you want to get your blog indexed fast by Google, follow the tips below.
  1. Make sure on the menuSettings → Basic  → Let search engines find your blog?”, you choose “Yes”.
  2. Articles on your blog are original, not from Copy Paste from other blogs. Commonly, all search engines including Google dislike blogs with Copy-Paste contents. Moreover, your blog has not been indexed. So, don’t think your blog will attract Google if your blog does not have the original content.
  3. Submit your articles to various Social bookmark sites. Several social bookmark sites those are popular:
    8. etc
  4. Comment on dofollow blog.
  5. Try to get your blog linked by blogs with high Page Rank.
  6. Submit your blog sitemap to Google webmaster.
  7. Etc.
According to experiences, after you follow the above things, blog just submitted to Google will be indexed less than one day.

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