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How to Do a Link Exchange

How to Do a Link Exchangethumbnail 
If you are a website owner, you will be needing this article when you start exchanging links. Link exchanges are important to your website. They help increase your website page rank in the search engine results. As your website is growing, other website owners may contact you with a request to exchange links.

If you are a beginner, you will find this article very helpful. It will show you how to do a link exchange and with what types of websites do you exchange links with.
Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Website
  • link exchange requests
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Website editor or knowledge of html code
    • 1
      Build a links page on your website. You should have a certain page just for links to other websites. You should be able to do this in your website creator or editor. Put links as your title page.
    • 2
      Find reliable web sites to exchange links with. You only want to exchange links with related and quality web sites. Quality links are better than quantity of links.
    • 3
      Review the websites that want to exchange links with you. If you are contacted via email with a link request, make sure you view their website before placing their links on your site.
    • 4
      Communicate with the website owner. Make sure you get information about the owners website. Such as, their page rank, topic and what their site is related to. Make sure that they are willing to place your website link on their website or websites as well.
    • 5
      Copy their URL (full website address), title and description to your website's link page. If you decide that their website is a good site to link too, then you can go ahead and type in their website information on your site.
    • 6
      Contact the website owner. After placing their website information on your website, contact them to let them know that their website link is live or active on your website. In your email, give them the address of your links page so that they can confirm that their link is there.
    • 7
      Ask them to place your website information asap. Keep an eye on when your website link is posted and where. You don't want to place a bunch of links on your site and not have them place your information on their sites.

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