Rabu, 27 April 2011

Settup General Menu

Setting General Menu

The points below are the steps to setting general menu on wordpress:
  1. Please login to your WordPress admin
  2. Divert attention to the lower left sides, click on the Settings menu. Will appear the sub menu, then click on General
    general setting wordpress
  3. Fill the form as your desired. Then click Save Changes to finish.
    • Site title: fill with the blog title you want (not longer than 60 character)
    • Tagline: fill up with blog description (not longer than 154 character)
    • WordPress address (URL): usually already filled, so just leave it. But if you want to use www to open your blog, then just add. For example http://indotuts.com change into http://www.indotuts.com. If there is someone access your blog, the opened address will automatically use www.
    • Site address (URL) : fill up with the same URL above, example: http://www.indotuts.com.
    • E-mail address : fill with your email address
    • Membership : check mark the small box besides Anyone can register if you allow other persons can register to your blog. But usually this feature is not activated for private blog, so don’t giva the check mark if you not allow.
    • New User Default Role : select as you wanted, it just an effect if the Anyone can register feature was active.
    • Timezone : fill with the time zone you want.
    • Date Format : choose the date format you want
    • Time Format : choose the time format you want
    • Week Starts On : choose the first date to start
      wordpress general settings
  4. General Setting completed.

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