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Setting Writing Menu

Setting the Writing Menu

Here are the steps to setting the writing menu:
  1. Please login to your wordpress admin
  2. Divert attention to the lower left sides, click on Settings menu. Will appear the sub menu, then click on Writing.
    setting writing menu
  3. Fill the form as you desired. Click Save Changes to finish.
    • Size of the post box: this is to adjust the height of the post editor, the greater number the higer post editor display (page to create posts).
    • Formatting: give check mark if you want to. Convert emoticons like and to graphics on display : once you write emoticon symbol it will be converted into the emoticon form. WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically : so if you write the invalid XHTML format, it will automatically be corrected. Even I’m always check those both options.
    • Default Post Category choose the main category you want. You can change from the Uncategorized into other categories, but you should to create the category nam on Categories manu first.
    • Default Link Category: choose the default link. If you want to provide other choises, you should to create category link first.
    • Mail Server, Login Name, Password, Default Mail Category: fill this only if you want to post via email, if you dont want to, just dont make any changes.
    • Atom Publishing Protocol, XML-RPC: check mark if you want to use other software to post the articles, for example posts using Windows Live Writer.
      setting writing menu
  4. Done

Additional for How to Setting Writing Menu

In Update Service contains URL:  http://rpc.pingomatic.com this is ping service address from pingomatic.com. What is ping service? Ping service is a service to send or inform to the various internet services that your blog has been update/ create new post, so your post will quickly spread.
If you have another ping services address, you may to enter it on the form provided. But remember to be careful, if you want to add the ping services, too many ping services can duplicate the delivery data and your blog will considered as spam and of course it’s bad for your blog existence.

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