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How To Add YouTube Video to Blog Sidebar

How to add youtube video to blog sidebar – YouTube is a video-sharing website that nowdays is considered as the most popular website compare to any other video sharing websites, especially since YouTube was acquired by Google.
Usually, videos on YouTube are allowed for the sharing back to another websites, including your blog using blogger. So if you find some interesting videos, u may just to plug in to your video.

Add youtube video To Blog Sidebar

If you interested to put video from YouTube on your blog sidebar, Blogger Tutorial write down the following steps.

Adopt the video code from YouTube

First of all, adopt the video code from YouTube. Please visit your favorite video on, then click Share, proceed by clicking Embed. Then you can do the set up such as choosing related videos to displayed, video dimensions, etc. One is adviced to check Use old embed code. Copy the provided vidoe code and put it on your blog sidebar.

youtube vide

Put the video code on your blog

The second step is to install the youtube video code was provided on your blog. Here are the steps:
  1. Please login to blogger using your ID
  2. Click Design
  3. usually you straight to Page Elements page menu. But if you don’t, please click on the Page Elements menu.
  4. Click Add a Gadget
    add a gadget link
  5. Click Plus (+) for HTML/ Javascript gadget
    html javascript gadget
  6. Paste the previously video code to the coloumn, click SAVE
  7. If you want to move the gadget recenty created position, you can just move it and click SAVE button which on top to finish
  8. Done.

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