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Get Money Via Facebook

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How do I earn money via or on Facebook (FB)? The question I often get from friends Fesbukers Falkirk. They think I have a lot to money and dollars from the activity of FB-I, whereas the fact is not well - that is not directly.
Yes, Facebook has become a potential tool in the world of marketing, marketing of industrial products, business, service to a political product, which includes an online business and politics SEO (search engine optimize / pan blog visitor traffic.)
Ok so to the point, about how to, tricks, tips, earn money and / or income through Facebook, here are tips from me:
1. In the past there was a PayPal promotion in FB, where PayPal for money through FB-for (but that was berlalalu, so forget) - but the jelly wrote, maybe in the future there are products / services are put through the same thing.
2. Do you have a product then marketed and let your products through FB, via message boards or creating a group and fan pages in particular. But remember, avoid the instant step, meaning that you first make friends with others directly offer your product, that there will be shunned .. hehe .. So, get used to the friendship and make them comfortable with a friendship that, yes of course the same principle we are moving in offline marketing. Likewise if you are offering is jassa (jassa service you personally or your company)
3. For blogger matre (who blogs many affiliates put a business online) - in particular ads, visitors are very important, because without visitors, adsense you will only become a widow without a touch display (jablai times .. hehe) - So, your blog marketed through FB. The trick, please let your FB friends every article / new posts in your blog, So create compelling content on your blog. You need not display the entire contents of it on FB, just use the submit link in the FB, if necessary, make a group / fan page on FB Your Blog!
4. Avoid and consider the offers instant - Now a lot of invitations to join a group and say you will get paid (commission) to invite other people join the group keg (so far I have not gotten proof of the truth) - but with logic, the question arises: where's the money? So, instead of you wasting time and pulse with dikerjai by someone else, then just do it langkah2 that you think rationally!
5. There are many applications on FB that offers revenue for you, my advice must not join! Do the first survey, the first use or - surveys the truth!
Five points while I can convey to you, the rest would go back to the manner and persuasive abilities of each! In principle, efforts at Online both in the FB, Blogs and other online medium, not much different in the offline business, needs hard work and patience in the process! Please for friends who want to share tips and tricks related to How to Earn Money Through Facebook, let's share!

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