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Using Cell Phone To Connect To Internet Featured Articles

  • How to Make the Internet Faster Using a Cell Phone as a Modem

    The ability to use a cell phone as a modem can be a lifesaver for "road warriors" and for fixed-location Internet users experiencing service disruptions. When you have a smartphone but only a dial-up connection to the Internet for your laptop or computer, you can use the phone to gain high-speed Internet access on your computer. Through a process called "tethering," you can get high-speed Internet access for your computer through a smartphone used as a modem.

  • How to Connect a Computer & Cell Phone Without Cables

    Connecting your cell phone to your computer makes all the difference when you need to transfer files or access the web. There are times when you don't have access to a cable to do that, so connecting wirelessly would be convenient. Using Bluetooth technology, you can connect a computer and cell phone without cables to transfer your valuable files or access the web.
  • How to Use a Cell Phone for a Computer Internet Modem

    Using a cell phone for a computer Internet modem is possible through a process called tethering. Tethering allows you to connect your cell phone to a computer via USB to share the phone's mobile data connection. For tethering to work, you must have a cell phone or smart phone that has an Internet sharing program. Additionally, your carrier must support tethering, and in most cases you must also pay to add the tethering feature to your cell phone data plan.
  • How to Connect a PC to the Internet Via Bluetooth Phone Software

    Bluetooth allows you to connect devices to one another without the need for cables. The transfer rates are fairly fast and it's more convenient than carrying around a bunch of cables. One use is to pair your PC and cell phone together so that you can access the Internet from just about anywhere.
  • How to Connect to the Internet With a Motorola Cell Phone

    One of the benefits of wireless technology is how it has freed people from having to be in the office to get work done. If you have a laptop and a cell phone you can log in from almost anywhere. If you have a Motorola cell phone with a high speed data plan your chances of getting connected are even better.
  • How to Connect to the Internet Using an AT&T Cell Phone & a USB

    You are away from your office work desk and you're nowhere close to your home computer, but you need to check your e-mail. Luckily, you have an AT&T phone and a USB cable. AT&T makes it easy to get the Internet anywhere in the world (as long as you can get reception on your cell phone) by providing you with a data plan when you sign up for their mobile service.
  • How to Connect to the Internet Using the Samsung Cell Phone

    Most cell phones today, including those made by Samsung, have browsers in them and can connect to the Internet, allowing you to check your email, look things up online or just keep up with your friends on social networking sites. It's easy to connect to the Internet on your Samsung cell phone.
  • How to Connect to the Internet Using a T-Mobile Cell Phone

    Every T-Mobile phone with WAP (Wireless Applications Protocol) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) capabilities has free access to the Internet for certain purposes, according to T-Mobile. You can download games, wallpaper and ringtones. You can also use your phone to chat with friends on your preferred instant messenger program and upload pictures to your T-mobile account.
  • How to Connect to the Internet Using a Laptop & Cell Phone

    If you have a mobile phone plan from a major provider, chances are you can use it to connect wirelessly to the Internet on your laptop computer. Even though wireless air cards are also available, the phone can work just as well, allowing you Internet access wherever your phone service is available. You will need extra hardware and software to connect the phone to your laptop. You also likely will need to subscribe to a cell phone plan that includes data service.
  • How to Connect to the Internet Using a Cell Phone As a Modem

    Cell phones can be used for more than just making calls these days. Many smartphones can be used as a modem when connected to a computer. You can get Internet service as long as you are in an area with cell phone reception.
  • How to Connect to the Internet Using a Cell Phone & Home Computer

    More and more people are telecommuting from home these days, which means having a consistent Internet access is important. If your Internet connection occasionally drops or cuts out completely having a backup might be a good idea. Using your cell phone with a data plan is a smart way to back up your Internet connection on your home computer, as it can be relatively fast and inexpensive.
  • How to Connect a Cell Phone to the Internet Using Bluetooth

    A Bluetooth is a device that creates hands-free usage of a cell phone. If you have a Bluetooth adapter for your computer, you can use the hands-free device to run your phone, make calls, or even surf the Internet. It is easy to use a Bluetooth as your

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